Training & Conferances


We have a privilege of having highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty including international faculties and distinguished authors associated with it. The courses are designed to meet the needs of our clients including recent developments in oil and gas industry. We conduct basic and advanced seminars in the area of reservoir management, production, drilling and well engineering.

Training & Conferances
  • Securing Wells – Plugging and Abandonment

    This course deals in securing health of well, safety of surface operations and abandonment to ensure impact of environment and habitat. The course design familiarizes the participants with well construction why and how wells are temporarily suspended and permanently removed from service. The course lays emphasis on the well integrity, barriers, and its verification and acceptance criteria. The oil and gas industry guidelines and standards, government legislations & regulations by various countries. Service-companies and operators recommended practices are covered, compared and contrasted. The latest technologies, tools & techniques, methods and procedures are discussed and demonstrated through case-history.

    This is most acceptable training course by Oil & Gas companies, more particularly – ONGC, Oil India Limited and GSPCL.

    Course duration : 3 days
    Participants : Production, drilling & reservoir engineers; geologists, HSE managers and other oil& gas professionals involved in well and reservoir monitoring having 3 to 4 years of experience in oil and gas industry.
  • International Oil & Gas conference & Exhibitions

    The 1st International Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibitions was held in New Delhi from 6th to 7th February 2020. The theme of the conference was “Technology, Innovations & Collaborations for Global Energy Landscape.” The event was witnessed by the Industry leaders, veterans, scientists and academicians.

    Inauguration was held with the panel discussions by the industry leaders & veterans on the most emerging topic “Role of oil & gas industry for the climate change & sustainability”

    Panelists: Mr. Suresh Mathur, Former CEO & MD, Petronet LNG Ltd.
    Dr. R K Malhotra, Former Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
    Mr. S K Moitra, Director (Onshore), ONGC
    Mr. R K Srivastava, Director (Exploration), ONGC
    Mr. Mr. Srikant Kadambi, Managing Director, Microsoft - Energy & Resources, Asia
    Mr. Girish Shirodkar, Partner, PWC (Moderator)
    Highlights: 48 National & International Industry Experts presented their new technologies & shared their ideas.
    Plenary Sessions: 10
    Technical Sessions:8
    Student Session: 1
    Company/Institution Participations: 37
    Country Participations: 6
  • Asset Development, Well Design and Placement

    The course is aimed to familiarizing the participants with the Asset Development Planning. The various stages of Asset lifecycle and need for reviews, redevelopment and optimizing well placement to achieve desired recovery are discussed. Course covers need for optimized well profile with vertical, slant, horizontal and multilateral wells to suite drilling and completion requirement. Well architecture and requirement for smart well and digital fields are familiarized. Attendees will learn how to complete the well for proper resrvoir monitoring and optimizing productivity when needed. Well cost elements and Economic are also kept in considerations.

    Day-1 Asset Lifecycle

    It deals with various stages of Asset life starting from initial discovery to development of different types of reservoirs. Signle layered or multilayered, drive mechanisms and recovery processes employed for initial development. Reservoir performance and well performance evaluation of Producer/Injector performance.

    Importance of knowing where oil is and how to produce it, classical and recent developments in this area.

    Identifying bypassed oil, aquifer activity, water injection performance. How these are related to well placement (Producer as well as injector)? Mid course correction in Asset developemnt planning.

    Mini Wrokshop on asset life cycle.

    Day-2 Well placement and Planning

    Blackboard and Chalk approach to well placement. What should the well look like? Options available and to decide best option.

    Geological, Flow through the reservoir, well path optimization.

    Drilling plan on paper and completing plan on paper, synergy and how to achieve it.

    Special well design elements for Injectors/Producers

    Day-3 Well Plan Execution

    Well plan elements and execution plan- Practical considerations, well Plan-Group exercises, cost Optimization and economics, Mini workshop on cost optimization

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