We have a privilege of having the domain experts for providing consultancy in the following area:

  • Bid Package Preparation

    The key to a successful project is to clearly and concisely communicate project expectations to all bidders. The bid package is the mechanism through which this communication takes place. Our experts are able to clearly define the work to be performed, develop minimum vendor qualification; common understanding of project by all the bidders so that selected vendors can be held responsible for their performance.

  • Bid Evaluation & Selection of Bidders

    Our technical & commercial team, in a time bound manner evaluate the bid according to the criteria set forth in the bid package. The final selection of a bidder is done objectively, fairly and to ensure quality vendors and successful project completion.

  • Project Management

    Selecting a qualified vendor and having a contract in place does not guarantee success of the project. All projects require an oversight and active support from buyers. EPC contractors, large and small, must balance productivity and quality for the success of the project. This need for balance, in quality and productivity at every stage of the project is necessary to meet the expectation of customers.
    Rock Oil believes, productivity is a measure of the amount of work completed, and hence revenue generated, per man-hour worked. We suggest optimal deployment of unbudgeted resources and man-hours to improve quality and control the time and cost overrun to the client for increasing the profitability of the vendor.

  • Contract Management

    We are capable of effective contract management for increasing the productivity and profitability. Our highly experienced contract managers can handle all the activities associated with the contracts e.g. invitation to bid, bid evaluation, award of contract, contract execution & monitoring, contract modification, certification of work completed and computation of payments.

  • Oil &Gas property evaluation

    We carry out complete analysis and feasibility study for bidding of oil property. This include reserves estimation, estimating production potential and forecasting oil/gas profile, engineering and preparing bid document for competitive bidding. We have a team of experienced Geologists, Reservoir Engineers, Production and Construction Engineers who have expertise in their respective domains.

  • Revitalizing old and declining oil and gas fields

    Our team of reservoir and production engineers can help our clients in improving productivity of the wells. Based on reservoir and well analysis, we recommend recipes for production enhancement.

  • Preparation of Field Development Plan

    Our experts take full charge of preparing the development plan of new fields as well as redevelopment of existing fields. The scope includes:
    • Data collection, Scope Definition and setting the boundaries of development planning
    • Interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data, reservoir simulation and reserves estimation
    • Development of production profiles and EOR strategy
    • Well placement planning and preparation of Development Schedule
    • Front end study, surface facilities layout and logistic
    • Performing CAPEX, OPEX and Economics
    • Conceptual Engineering and developing a Project Execution Plan
    • Contracting Strategy and involving Stakeholders in project implementation and planning

  • Reservoir Data Interpretation

    Interpretation of Pressure Transient data needs very specialized skills. Rock Oil has a privilege to have specialists in Pressure transient analysis with more than 30 years of field experience. The specialists are well versed with recent advances in well test interpretation and have hands on experience in the softwares like PAN system, KAPPA and IPM Suite. We can undertake the job of Pressure transient data analysis and deliver reports recommending ways and means of improving well productivity. The interpretations can also provide an insight into reservoir heterogeneities and time-lapse changes having occurred over the period of time in the mature fields.

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