Advance Training


We have a privilege of having highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty including international faculties and distinguished authors associated with it. The courses are designed to meet the needs of our clients including recent developments in oil and gas industry. We conduct basic and advanced seminars in the area of reservoir management, production, drilling and well engineering.

  • Securing Wells – Plugging and Abandonment

    This course deals in securing wells for decommissioning as wells as safety of surface operations. The basic concepts of well design are introduced familiarizing the engineers with well construction why and how wells are temporarily suspended and permanently removed from service. The course lays emphasis on the well integrity, barriers, and its verification and acceptance criteria. The Oil and Gas industry guidelines and standards, legislation by various countries, including laws and governmental regulations, are discussed. Service-company and operator recommended practices are covered, compared and contrasted. The latest technologies, tools, techniques, methods and procedures are discussed and demonstrated through case-history examples.

    Course duration : 3 days
    Who should attend : Drilling engineers, Cementing engineers, Mud engineers, production engineers, Reservoir Engineers,
    Geologists, Petrophysicists
  • Well Analysis for production enhancement

    The course is aimed at familiarizing the participants of an MDT with the tools available for carrying out robust diagnosis of well problems and suggesting optimal recipe for production enhancement. The course also deals with the recent advances in production enhancement technology.

    Course duration : 2 days
    Who should attend : Production engineers, reservoir engineers, geologists and petro physicists.
  • Asset Development, Well Design and Placement

    The course is aimed at familiarizing the participants with the Asset Development Planning. The various stages of Asset lifecycle and need for reviews and redevelopment and optimizing well placement to achieve desired recovery are discussed. Course covers need for optimized well profile with vertical, slant, horizontal and multilateral wells. Participants are taught development of optimal well profile to suite drilling and completion requirement. Well architecture and requirement for smart well and digital fields are familiarized. Attendees will learn how to complete the well for proper reservoir monitoring and optimizing productivity when needed. Well cost elements and Economic considerations.

    Basic course : 3 days
    Who should attend : Reservoir Engineers, Geologist, Petrophysicist, Production Engineers, Drilling Engineers.

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